Book Clubs

Peyote Fire: Shaman of the Canyons


Book Club Discussion Questions


  1. This book is about a young man’s journey into his true power. By the end Deer Cloud has assumed a leadership role in the clan. How do young men today find their strength and learn to assume adult roles?


  1. Jumping Rabbit is a powerful female shaman. What examples of feminism do you find in the book?


  1. Does our modern society respect women? Give examples and explain why or why not.


  1. The use of peyote and other hallucinogenic plants is central to the story. Could hallucinogens and other mood or mind-altering drugs have a positive effect in our modern society in any ways? Why or why not?


  1. Deer Cloud and Singing Grass are orphaned as children and raised by Aunt Hawk Wing and the band in general. Give examples of child-rearing from the book and explain whether you think they are positive or negative.


  1. About 15 people live together in the Bird Wing band. How does this support their existence and safety? Why don’t we do this today?


  1. How does the ideal of the nuclear family affect society?


  1. The Bird Wing eat different foods than we do today. Would you like to try their food? How and why do you think our taste palates have changed in the past 4,000 years?


  1. There are many animal stories in the book. Did you like them? Why or why not?


  1. The belief-system and ceremonial life of the Rain Bringers is prominent in the story. What is our belief-system today? How does our ceremonial life support it? How does our belief-system and ceremonial life support us individually?

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