Stand Up for What You Believe In

Shepard Fairey's poster for the recent inauguration and Women's March, 2017.

Shepard Fairey’s poster for the recent inauguration and Women’s March, 2017.

Usually I use this space to scribble on about Texas or books I’ve written or trips I’ve made.  But this week I’ve got something else to say.  This week I am encouraging every American who loves this country–in all its diversity of land and people–to stand up for what they believe in.

We have a chaos president running the country now.  Someone totally ignorant of the issues, the causes, and the consequences.  He is pushing through a totally unqualified list of cabinet nominees.  People who don’t even know what their proposed agency does. Rick Perry and Betsy DeVos, I’m looking at you.

It’s going to be a tumultuous two years until the mid-term elections. Our goal should be to take back Congress at that time and put in back in the hands of intelligent, concerned people who won’t bully the American people.  Ted Cruz, that’s directed at you.  And oh yes, then impeach Cheeto, because by then we probably will have discovered undeniably who he’s beholden to (Russia, most likely, for starters).

Even after that, we’ll have Mike Pence, an ultra conservative who wants to turn this country back to 1950.  He would rather women die from botched alley-way abortions than be allowed decent medical care.  He would rather deport children’s parents who may have come from Mexico or other Latin American countries and leave the children to what? fend for themselves?  Unbelievable and UnAmerican.

I urge everyone who loves this country and refuses to live in fear of our neighbors to read this guideline to resistance  and take a stand. Make America Proud Again!

4 thoughts on “Stand Up for What You Believe In

  1. Excellent, Mary. Brief and to (some of the ) points. I fear that lots of good people are going to have to get much more active in their political system to influence alternative policy and to be the candidates who stand up to be voted for. It is a battle which will require some very fundamental thinking about how to combat the evils that got the country to this situation: the racism in the GOP, the gerrymandering, and the corruption of big business pumping money into the system.

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