Flooding down in Texas–but not for the first time

“It’s flooding down in Texas…” you may have heard that refrain from Stevie Ray Vaughn last week. And indeed it was true. We had over 17 inches of rain in Austin just in the month of May! Big storms also hit ¬†Seminole Canyon State Park, Del Rio and Cuidad Acuna.

But this is not the first time floods have come to the desert of southwest Texas. The flood of record for the Lower Pecos and Del Rio is generally said to be the flood of 1954, when canyons were scoured and houses washed away. I found this amazing black and white film of that flood so you can see what I’m talking about.




5 thoughts on “Flooding down in Texas–but not for the first time

  1. Very interesting film! I’m glad you seem to have weather the, well, the weather so far. Hope this next bout isn’t too awful. I’m intrigued by the two different appearances of the video. Some seems to be actual film, taken when the water was calmer, and the other is oddly pixelated. Terrifying images!

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