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Peyote Fire: Shaman of the Canyons

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Peyote Fire: Shaman of the Canyons, the new novel by Mary S. Black, tells of the people who lived along the Rio Grande 4,000 years ago and painted the stories of their gods on the canyon walls. Today, this area, known to archeologists as the Lower Pecos, is famous for over 300 documented rock art sites, many of which remain brilliantly colored even today with red, yellow, black and white figures. The story tells of Deer Cloud, the artist who painted a huge mural that is known today as the White Shaman.

Deer Cloud is urged to become a shaman himself, in order to speak directly to the gods. He must become friends with hallucinogenic spirit herbs, and visit the terrifying wolf shrines to gain his power. When he grows too strong, his enemy engineers his downfall with a dramatic challenge to call the buffalo to the people. He is mentored by the lusty female shaman Jumping Rabbit, who introduces him to the little cactus, peyote.

Based on solid research, Peyote Fire creates a world full of spirits and demons that battle for the souls of the people. Father Sun and Mother Rain, Grandfather Fire and Grandmother Growth are honored as the great Transformers that both bring life and destroy it.

Read this story of the true Texas past. See the paintings for yourself. Listen to the stampede of the buffalo. Hear the people speak to their gods.

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