A New Year’s Gift to You

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As the days begin to lengthen again, and Father Sun grows stronger, I send you all my best wishes for a wonderful new beginning and give you a gift: Chapter One of Peyote Fire Shaman of the Canyons.  Read it absolutely free, as my gift to you. Just click on the hot link or the Peyote Fire menu tab at the top of this blog.

Of course I hope you will enjoy it and want to read the rest of the book, too.  To buy a copy, just click on the link on the right. The book concerns a peyote shaman named Deer Cloud who lived 4,000 years ago along the Rio Grande.  He painted the stories of his gods on the canyon walls before he was called to the shaman path by his grandfather. He must become friends with hallucinogenic spirit herbs, and visit the terrifying wolf shrines. When he grows too strong, his enemy engineers his downfall with a dramatic challenge to call the buffalo to the people. Will Deer Cloud’s magic be strong enough to please the gods?

The desert region of southwest Texas is known for more 300 painted rock shelters and a famous cliff where hundreds of bison jumped to their death in at least three distinct episodes. A few of these sites can even be visited by the public today. To see them contact Seminole Canyon State Park or the Rock Art Foundation.

Like all historical fiction, the story is based on the known facts of the ancient people of the region. But we can never fully know the people’s understanding of their long-ago world or the actions of individuals from that time. Therefore I created characters to enact what is known of that time and place from archaeological records and other research. I constructed a fictional world-view, based on the work of rock art research, that brings meaning to the ancient people’s lives and explains the natural phenomena that surrounded them. I’ve also tried to imagine the stories embodied in the rock art, and the rituals, songs, and legends that are lost. Above all, I tried to listen to the people of the canyons and hear their voices. I hope you can hear them too, in the pages of this book. Peyote Fire is now available at Amazon.com in both paperback and ebook formats.


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