The Canyon Runs Deep: Flooding at Eagle Nest

The normally dry Eagle Nest Canyon near Langtry, Texas

The normally dry Eagle Nest Canyon near Langtry, Texas

June 20, 2014, saw a catastrophic flood in Eagle Nest Canyon near Langtry, Texas. They had 11.6 inches of rain in about eight hours. That’s almost the average annual rainfall in that place! Please click on the link below to see a photographic timeline of this event–and a moving documentary on the power of water.  Thanks to the Ancient Southwest Texas Project for posting these photos. click here  The Canyon Runs Deep.

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  1. Mary, We met at a Writer’s League workshop last year. I’ve been following your blog with great pleasure. I’ve shared and forwarded he last post with the link to the flooding in the canyon. Amazing! Thanks! Your fan & follower, Margie

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  2. Hello Mary, I chatted with you this afternoon at the Writers’ League office while we stuffed various pieces of writing info into the Yellow Bird brochure—I just read your “Flooding at Eagle Nest” piece. It was amazing—your photos are magnificent. I also read one of the comments re: your blog—and my jaw did drop open when I saw the name “Karen Stehling”—one of my dearest friends for over 40 years!!! what a small world! Enjoyed meeting you — and as Karen said a few minutes ago when I called her, “We three will have to have lunch sometime soon!” Pam Arthur

    PS—FYI, we finished stuffing the totem bags! and, our materials were much easier to handle than those NOT stuffed into Yellow Bird.

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