News from Eagle Nest Canyon Project

Road to the Rio Grande

Road to the Rio Grande

Geoarchs in Action: Dirt by Many Other Names.

Click on the link above to see this week’s news from the Ancient Southwest Texas Project working in Eagle Nest Canyon, Langtry, Texas this spring.  Dr. Stephen L. Black, Texas State University, my Steve, is leading the project.

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  1. Mary, I enjoyed your article. It’s fun to get out into the middle of the action. I have been hired by Schlitterbahn to write their story and have been working on the site of their new park in Corpus Christi for a month getting a feel for the process of creating their magic “Transportainment Parks”. I’ve just finished book number eleven and have started my own publishing company. I’ll send you details when we are set up.

    Best regards

    Chuck Klinger


    • I just hit the link, and it failed to response as well. It said “Oops!” something something. Then I scrolled down that page and found the title “Geoarchs in Action: Dirt by Many Other Names.” I hit that, and it opened. I think it must have something to do with the way they have their pages set up in wordpress. Thanks for hanging in!

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